Dario Doimo was born in Leonberg, Germany, August 12th 1983. Growing up, Dario spent his summers working with his family at Eis Cafe Doimo, their family owned ice cream shop. Because the cafe was only open for the summer, Dario spent the rest of the year going to school in Italy. Following his graduation from high school his older brother Giovanni, attended the American Bartending School in Perugia, Italy. This is where the world of flair bartending was introduced to the now world known Dario Doimo. Following Giovanni’s completion of this course, he instantly taught his little brother what he, himself had such a passion for. From that moment on, Dario was hooked.

After learning some of the basic flair moves, Dario wanted to put his talent to use by signing up for local competitions. It didn’t take long before Dario started placing in the top 3 of all of his events. Five months later he found himself competing in his first major competition, The European Cup of Flair Bartending. The field of competitors were very intimidating. There were a handful of the world's best flair bartenders competing right there with him. He finished with an impressive 6th place standing. A few months later he took an even bigger risk by competing in his first American competition called the Triple Challenge, held in Panama City Beach, Florida. With the distraction of palm trees and culture, he stayed focused and managed to catch a lot of attention by making the finals. With this accomplishment under his belt, Dario began to turn many heads in the flair bartending world.

While soaking up all the new attention, Dario kept his roots and came back to reality. While still working for the family business in Germany, Dario would practice with the limited time he had anywhere that would allow it. Including having to rearrange the furniture just to make room for the occasional 2 tin, 2 bottle session. "I remember working 13 hours and then going to practice for four to five hours in an empty underground parking lot, everyday."

Dario returned to the US in 2005 to compete at “Legends of Bartending 7”, where he shocked the entire flair world with a 2nd place finish. This accomplishment solidified his place as one of the best flair bartenders in the world. Following his 2nd place achievement, he decided that he wanted to make flair bartending his profession. After his powerful performance at Legends, Dario was recruited by the Hard Rock Casino Group to work in Biloxi, MS as an official flair bartender. Due to the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina, his dreams of working in an American flair bar was put on hold. While preparing for his next challenge, Legends of Bartending 8, Dario was interrupted with a family emergency that forced him take an entire year off from competing. With family on his mind, he still managed to bounce right back into the field of competition.

In early 2007, when Dario returned his focus to flair, he moved to Miami, FL where he was barely getting by while working in a small bar in downtown Miami. It wasn’t until his next big break at Legends 9 that gave him the opportunity that he was working towards. The skills that he portrayed earned him a job offer to work in one of the most prestigious flair bars in the world, Kahunaville Las Vegas where he joined Team Kahuna and the AREA 51 Flair Team.

When 2008 rolled around, Dario was ready to compete at Legends for the third time. The 2nd place stance that he achieved just 3 years prior was just a preview of what he was about to experience. He was soon crowned World Champion of Legends of Bartending 10. This was an unforgettable moment that Dario will never forget. This wasn’t only a trophy to add to his collection but it was the milestone of his career.

The dedication and persistence that Dario inherited from flair is what has helped him develop the unforgettable style and moves that we see today. He is now showcasing his talent for audiences across the world.Since then, Dario has continued to compete all over the world. Not only is he competing against the best, he is now considered one of them. He is currently performing nightly at the world renown Rock ‘N’ Rita’s located inside of Circus Circus, Las Vegas.